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Experience the Best in Remedial Massage, Upper Mount Gravatt 

At AFX Massage, we like to help you live life to the full. We bring you the best in Brisbane Remedial massage, with top notch customer care and personalised attention. Our massage services include sports massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish relaxation, mobility and flexability improvements.

As a bonus, you get to enjoy your therapists sense of humour, which is included at no extra cost. 

Remedial Sports Massage – Maximised Performance & Accelerated Recovery

Do you know about the benefits of Sports massage? 

Sports massage is the secret key to living life to the full for anyone who regularly engages in physical exercise.

Pre-training and pre-event sports massage helps to warm up your muscles, loosen tension around joints, and minimise the effects of old injuries and scar tissue on your performance. This helps you to achieve greater mobility and maximum muscle stimulation, meaning you will perform at your very best. 

Post-training sports massage aids your muscles as they cool down after a workout or competition, and helps stimulate blood flow and introduces nutrients after frequent exercise aiding in shorter recovery.

When you enjoy a sports massage with AFX, you will maximise your performance, and accelerate your recovery. Call Anthony at AFX Massage today to book your next sports massage – (07) 3349 0286. 

Remedial Deep Tissue Massage – Relief from Pain & Inflammation 

Feeling tight? Get a deep tissue massage!

If you are experiencing chronic muscle tension, then a deep tissue massage is exactly what you need. For many people, rigid tissue in muscles, tendons, and ligaments interferes with circulation, causing cramps, spasms headaches and sometimes pain. Deep tissue massage helps relieve tension and restores normal movement by working the affected and supporting areas.

If you experience muscle tension, you will love feeling the effects of a deep tissue massage! Call Anthony today to book yours – (07) 3349 0286.

Swedish Relaxation Massage – Reinvigorating & Restoring

Whether you need a reinvigorating time out, or whether you want reduce physical stress, anxiety or tension, it’s time you booked a Swedish relaxation massage. 

The Swedish relaxation massage technique involves the use of slow, rhythmical hand strokes designed specifically to relax the body. Swedish relaxation soothes tense muscles, stimulates the nervous system, calms the mind, and increases overall well-being. If that’s what you’re after, then you need to call Anthony at AFX Massage today – (07) 3349 0286. 

Feel the Effects with AFX

If you’re ready to feel the effects of massage that relieves, reinvigorates, and re-energises, then it’s time to give Anthony a call – (07) 3349 0286. You won’t be disappointed! 

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