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Feel the Effects with AFX Massage in Upper Mt Gravatt

I’m Anthony Bachiller – Owner and Remedial therapist at AFX Massage, Upper Mt Gravatt. My favourite colour is yellow, I prefer regular chocolate over white chocolate, and if I could own any car in the world, it would be a Porsche 911 Turbo. But how about I tell you some relevant facts about me and my business? 

“AFX” Stands for “Affects”

Relevant Fact #1: I chose the name AFX Massage because it represents the power of massage. Massage affects you, and when done right for you (which is how I like to do it), it affects you in all the right ways.

Massage can affect you in the right ways by accelerating your recovery from injuries or workouts, helps to alleviate pain you might be experiencing, or allowing you to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating time out. In other words, massage allows you to live life to the full.

A Upper Mt Gravatt Massage for You

Relevant Fact #2: When you visit AFX Massage, Upper Mt Gravatt, you will experience the best in Brisbane Remedial sports, Deep tissue and Swedish relaxation massage. I understand the day-to-day problems, aches, and pains we all experience, and pride myself on my ability to find and work on these areas. If that sounds like the sort of thing you’re after, then it’s time you gave me a call.

I Massage Because...

Relevant Fact #3: I’ve always been fascinated by how the body works I love the complex mechanics. I’ve also always loved helping people. Choosing to practice massage was the perfect way to combine these two interests.

Let’s get Personal

Relevant Fact #4: I constantly strive to provide you with a level of personalised care and service that sets my business apart from the other massage providers. When you visit AFX Massage, you will receive a personal consultation prior to your massage, so that we can decide together.

Get Affected

Now you know some relevant and irrelevant facts about me and my business. So why wait? Choose to live life to the full: Book a massage guaranteed to affect you today, or call now on (07) 3349 0286.